County Market Adams Wisconsin

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215 West North Street
Adams WI. 53910
Phone: (608)339-6703
Fax: (608)339-6566
Hours: Open 7days a week 6am until 10pm

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county market adams friendshipSome of our Services:

Preferred Customer Cards - cards allows discounts on items through out the store as well as items such as Flavorite bread and milk. Use your preferred customer card every time you shop and we accumulate your purchases. You earn % discount coupons based on your total purchases for each program. See store for program details. To get your preferred customer card stop at the service counter and fill out an application.

  • ATM - An ATM machine is located next to the service counter for your convenience.
  • Lottery Tickets - Lottery and Powerball tickets are available for purchase.
  • Money Orders - Money Orders are available at the service counter in any amount up to $300.00.
  • Postage Stamps/Mail Pick-up - Postage Stamps are available from the service counter. Also, at the service counter is a mail drop that is picked up daily.
  • Customer Restrooms - Customer restrooms are available in the front of the store near the service counter. Restrooms are checked through out the day for cleanliness.
  • Motorized Scooters - Two motorized shopping carts are available for in store use. Ask at the service counter for the key when you arrive at the store. A wheelchair is also available for in-store use.
  • Hand Carry Baskets - Just stopping for a few items? Carrying baskets are available at the front door and other spots in the store.
  • Assisted Shopper Service - If you are unable to shop for your groceries we can help you. Please call to learn about this service.
  • Sharing Program - Non-profit organizations can collect A-F County Market receipt and then twice a year and 1% of the total is returned to the organization


We are an authorized
Wisconsin WIC and Quest Card Redemption Center.

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